Lock Upp Day 58: Ali Mercchant gets LOCKED OUT by host Kangana Ranaut

New Delhi: In the latest episode of Lock Upp, one of the contestants was evicted from the house – Ali Mercchant. Kangana felt that he wasn’t very active in the jail and didn’t interest the viewers. 

Kangana also told inmates that they should express how much they want to be in the show and not say that they don’t care about the show as the audience notices these things. Later, the inmates were discussing that Shivam Sharma is one of the most dedicated contestants in the show as he shows how much he wants to be in the show. 


In the elimination task, Munawar Faruqui spoke about a traumatic experience when he was child. Kangana was very supportive of his decision to share this big experience and shared a similar experience herself.

At the end of the episode, Ali Mercchant was evicted from the show and he bid a teary goodbye to all the jail inmates.

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