iPhone 13 buyers, ALERT! Your phone can be hacked too, check how to protect it

New Delhi: Apple iPhone 13 owners usually believe that their smartphone can’t be hacked, as it’s packed with several security features and advancements in tehnology. But that’s not the case, as hackers can get into almost any smartphone, including the iPhone 13. 

According to media reports, iPhone 13 or previous generations of Apple smartphones can be hacked via not just one but multiple methods. The hacker may not even need to infect the smartphone via a virus or malware to get access to your device. 

Hackers can simply infect the device by luring smartphone users into installing viruses or malware via malicious apps or links. In such cases, even the smartphone’s secured features don’t really work. Here are a few examples of how your iPhone 13 can be hacked: 

1. Phishing: Hackers can get access to your smartphone via phishing, a method wherein clicking on a malicious link can compromise your device. Fake lottery mails, bank KYC mails, and free flight ticket mails are some of the ways how hackers use phishing to get access to a smartphone. 

How to stay safe? You should not click on links that appear suspicious. If you click the link by mistake, you should not share any personal or financial information on the landing pages. 

2. Public WiFi Hacking: Hackers can also get into your smartphone via public WiFi networks. Most of us use public WiFi networks at restaurants, cafes, and parks. However, there are increased chances of getting your phone hacked. 

How to stay safe? You should use public WiFi only in case of emergencies. Also, you should not open banking sites while on public WiFi. Also Read: Hiring boom begins in India as Covid-19 infections decrease: Report

These are the two most common methods using which hackers can get into your smartphone. However, hackers do deploy other trickeries to get into smartphones for personal information or loot your bank account. Also Read: As Apple discontinues iPods, here’s looking at 6 popular iPods that changed how we grooved to music

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