Bride goes on Starbucks run before wedding, sips coffee while driving – WATCH

New Delhi: Coffee isn’t just a beverage- it’s a feeling. Many coffee lover feel that humble brew is the perfect way to refuel, especially when you have a long day ahead of yourself. And Indian wedding are the longest with series of ceremonies beginning from early morning. The bride generally has to wait longer than the groom and the anxiety keeps increasing as the ceremony gets closer and closer. So whats better to clam your nerves than your favorite coffee. 

The wait for baarat is a long one. So this bride decides to go for a Starbucks run after getting ready for the wedding. A video of an Indian bride is doing rounds on social media platform in which she can be seen sipping her favourite drink to keep her nerves calm. 

The video shows the bride driving her car while wearing a beautiful pink and gold lehenga. “When only Starbucks can calm your wedding anxiety,” the text on the video said. 

Watch the video here: 

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The video was posted on an Instagram page, ‘wedlookmagazine’. As soon as the video was posted online, it went crazy viral and garnered over 3.9 million views and 209k likes. 

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