NRA CET 2022: How Can you Prepare for IBPS RRB & SSC with 5 Amazing Tricks?

The competition will be fierce because the NRA CET 2022 will be a single test used to screen/shortlist candidates for subsequent rounds. Therefore, candidates must prepare adequately for the exam by studying diligently. The NRA CET test will be conducted at three levels: Class 10, 12, and Graduation.

As a result, the exam pattern will most likely differ. On the other hand, the NRA CET 2022 is believed to be based on the test patterns of all three organizations – IBPS, RRBs, and SSC. There would be four subjects on the test paper.

Because the NRA CET 2022 exam is likely to begin in July 2022, all government job applicants should get their socks up as soon as possible. Because this will be a new experience for most students, they are eager to learn about the preparation strategy and tips.

However, before going on to the study plan, students must first realize that NRA CET 2022 is similar to any other preliminary exam that must be passed to advance to the subsequent tier of examinations held by recruitment associations such as IBPS, RRB, and SSC.

What is the Importance of an NRA CET 2022 Preparation Strategy for IBPS SSC & RRB?

  • You can create procedures for analyzing mock tests that are both efficient and effective.
  • While planning the strategy, you will learn the major and important chapters of each section.
  • You will have sufficient time to concentrate on your weak areas.
  • You can come up with a foolproof strategy for covering the whole course.
  • You will be able to complete the curriculum on time successfully.
  • You can take 30-40 full-length mock exams.
  • You’ll have plenty of time to go further into the conceptual chapters.
  • You can come up with an excellent revising strategy.

As official notice didn’t come up with any dates of NRA CET so, its an opportunity for the aspirants to prepare much & get better results for the same. Students can also start preparing with NRA CET Question Bank | Previous Year Solved Paper | For RRB IBPS & SSC Exams 2022. Where students can get several benefits like:

  • Chapter-wise & Topic-wise Concept Notes & Practice questions for systematic learning
  • Blended Learning (Print and online support)
  • Tips & Tricks to crack the Exam in first attempt
  • Concept-wise videos through QR Codes
  • NRA CET Phase -1 Common Exam Benefits
  • Mind Maps and Mnemonics

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General Tips for NRA CET 2022:

  • Examine the test pattern and curriculum thoroughly to determine which subjects are simple and which are challenging.
  • Take frequent short rests to re-energize oneself.
  • Take free online mock tests for a variety of government examinations for NRA CET 2022.
  • Make a simple schedule that you can stick to. Divide your time so that you may devote equal amounts of attention to each topic.
  • Begin with the most important subjects.
  • Understand your attention span to determine how long you can focus productively and make changes as needed.
  • When answering mock test questions, one must counterbalance swiftness and precision. One should also concentrate on different Vedic strategies.

NRA CET 2022 Preparation Tips: Subject-wise:

English Language

  • This portion will put your vocabulary, grammar, and verbal aptitude to the test.
  • Reading, Comprehension, Synonym, Antonym, Sentence Correction, and other types of questions might be asked.
  • To do well in this area, you must be well-versed in grammatical rules.
  • Read the editorial pages of newspapers, periodicals, magazines, and books to expand your vocabulary.
  • To enhance your speed, make reading a habit. This will assist you in answering questions about reading comprehension.

General Intelligence & Reasoning

  • Any competitive exam’s most significant portion is this one.
  • The General Intelligence and Reasoning section assesses the applicants’ analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • Focus on Syllogism, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Alphanumeric Series, Seating Arrangement, and other related concepts.
  • Begin with simple themes and work your way up in difficulty.
  • Take as many practice tests as you can to gauge your readiness.
  • When it comes to puzzles, be mindful and pay special attention.

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • This portion is designed to assess the candidates’ fundamental mathematics abilities.
  • Number Systems, Ratio and Proportion, Mensuration, Interest, Profit & Loss, Algebra, and other essential subjects are covered in this part.
  • Tables up to 20, squares up to 40, and cubes up to 30 are all necessary items to keep on hand.
  • Prior to getting into harder areas, make sure you have a firm grasp of the fundamentals.
  • Instead of answering problems orally, make it a habit to complete paperwork to practice. This will aid in enhancing accuracy and reducing the margin for mistakes.
  • Make a list of formulae and quick tactics that you use regularly and review them on a daily basis.
  • Above all, concentrate on taking practice tests.

General Awareness:

  • This section contains questions based on various topics/areas, including both current and static GK.
  • Make it a habit to watch or read the news every day to keep up with current happenings. Choose one newspaper to read and read it thoroughly.
  • This portion is very scoring; therefore, go over the NRA CET 2022 syllabus extensively to discover the pertinent areas.
  • In this part, analyze your strong areas and prioritize those issues first.
  • Include one subject every day and revise regularly.



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