Kim Jong Un’s look-alike interrupts Australian PM’s election campaign- Watch

New Delhi: Australian prime minister Scott Morrison’s election campaign was interrupted by a doppelganger of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The look-alike of the North Korean dictator even talked to the media persons gathered near him and posed for photos like a politician. The impersonator identified himself by the stage name Howard X.

“Thank you very much. Gladys Liu is the communist candidate for Australia,” he said before he was interrupted by an aide to Morrison.  “I support Gladys Liu,” he added before he left the venue. 

The disturbance created by the doppelganger seemed to be planned by the Queensland State senate candidate Drew Pavlou, who said on social media that he was good friends with Howard X and it was “one of the best things we have ever managed.”

Howard X is well known for his impersonation of Kim Jong Un. In 2018, he was detained and questioned when he arrived in Singapore days before a summit between the North Korean leader and U.S. President Donald Trump. His real name is Lee Howard Ho Wun.

Meanwhile, Gladys Liu in a statement to the Associated Press said she was focused on delivering outcomes for the Melbourne communities she represents. “I will not be distracted by my opponents and their grubby tactics,” she said. Liu was born in Hong Kong and has lived in Australia for more than 30 years.

Australians go to the voting booths on May 21, with recent polls showing Morrison`s Liberal-National coalition on track to lose to centre-left Labor, ending nine years of conservative government.

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