Tomato Flu: Feed a lot of water to infected children, take a bath by mixing…

Tomato fever is a rare virus that attacks only children. Especially those under the age of five. However, it is not yet confirmed whether this (unknown fever) is viral or dengue, chikungunya. Most of the children have had problems with rashes, skin irritation and dehydration. The problem of blisters in some parts of the body has also been seen.

Tomato Fever: Where the Name comes from

Tomato flu is named after this blister. The blisters look like red, wheeled tomatoes. It is still growing in Kollam so far. However, health officials have warned that it may soon spread to other parts of Kerala. The mysterious disease is also called Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.

Tomato Fever: Measures to avoid infection 

1. Feed a lot of water to infected children and it must be boiled and cooled water.

2. Blisters or rashes will not be scratched in any way.

3. It is important to maintain proper hygiene. Utensils, clothes and other items used by the infected persons must be sanitised to prevent the flu from spreading.

4. You have to take a bath by mixing something that is resistant to germs in lukewarm water.

5. If you see the slightest symptoms, do not leave it behind, go to the doctor immediately.

Tomato Fever: Initiative taken by Government 

1. The Kerala government has formed a 24-member team to treat the children suffering from tomato flu in all Anganwadi centers.

2. To supervise the spread of tomato flu 3 teams have been formed, revenue inspector, health inspector, and police. 

3. Health officers in the border districts of Mysuru, Udupi, Dakshina Kannada, Chamarajanagar and Kodagu have been directed to step up vigil in the out-patient department of public and private hospitals and daily travellers from Kerala.

Tomato flu is self-limiting and there is no specific drug for it. Doctors say symptoms will resolve overtime on their own but care has to be taken. But it must be noted that having tomatoes have nothing to do with getting Tomato fever and it is extremely safe to consume tomatoes. However, as a common precaution, anything edible must be washed first.

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